• Do you provide your own sound?

    • Sure. For most gigs, we will provide our own sound equipment and routinely work with sound engineers at our gigs. You are welcome to use the microphones for any announcements that you have, etc.

  • How loud are you?

    • We are a 10 piece horn band that is amplified. We can be pretty loud. We can certainly adjust to almost any situation, but we are not the quiet jazz band that plays at your local coffee shop. However, if you are a coffee shop owner, get in touch with us and we'll hook you up ;).

  • Do we need to provide a stage?

    • It depends. If this is a public festival/concert, yes. We request a 16 ft x 24 ft stage. We can fit on a 16 ft x 20 ft stage, and even smaller (if necessary). If this is for a private event (like a wedding), we typically will not need a stage. For larger private parties, we may request one. We'll work with you to make it work. We aren't Van Halen-Brown M&M-demanding.

  • Will you play my favorite songs at our wedding?

    • Maybe. In the rare case that your favorite songs aren't already in our giant song list, we would be happy to work up the tune. We leave the final call to Jamie, our musical director, as to whether he can arrange it, etc. We might charge a couple of extra dollars to work up any custom tunes.

  • How much do you cost?

    • It depends. The type of event, travel distance, and length of performance are all factors that contribute to the cost. If you are interested in getting a quote for your event, please contact us.



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