Tech Specs

Most people don't like to get into the nitty gritty details of things, but some times it's unavoidable...


Depending on venue/event, we may or may not need a stage. If we are playing for an outdoor festival, we'll most likely need one. If we are playing for your wedding, in most cases we won't need one. However, it's always nice to have one, as there is a defined specific space for the band and all of our gear. 

-24’ wide by 16’ deep is preferred, absolute minimum stage space needed is 20’ wide by 12’ deep.

-Band and equipment must be set up on a hard and level surface for both performer and equipment safety. We cannot set up directly on grass, dirt, or other uneven surfaces.

-If outdoors, appropriate cover (usually a tent) must be provided to keep the band and the equipment safe from any potential bad weather. 

-If we are providing our own sound equipment/engineers, we will need some space about 25 feet from the front of the stage for a small 6' table and chairs. This is usually in the center of off to one side of the venue space. Our sound engineers will have a couple of laptops setup on this table to monitor/control the sound and lights. 



-Most hotels and convention centers have a stage that can be rented. 

-Most "party rental" companies rent stages. 

-Our Stage Plot (Including all sound inputs)


While we don’t need a lot of power once we are up and running, the power amps for our PA speakers and our guitar/bass guitar amps will temporarily spike up the amperage on a circuit when they are first powered on (sometimes as much as 6-8 amps). To accommodate these power-up spikes, we prefer one of the following three power configurations:


-Four (4) 15-amp 110-120V circuits (most common)

-Three (3) 20-amp 110-120V circuits (most common)

-One (1) 50-amp 220V circuit (NOT very common - please let us know if this is what we will be using so we make sure to bring the proper equipment to tap into this line)


Outdoor Events

In cases of us needing to tap into a portable power generator (such as outdoor festivals or weddings without nearby power sources), we recommend a generator that produces a minimum of 7,000 watts distributed over 50 amps. For the distribution box that attaches to the generator, we need a minimum of eight (8) total power outlets. Here's an example of a generator that you can rent that will meet our specs. Here is the distribution box that you'll need as well. 



We need space to park two oversize equipment vehicles. One is an equipment van with a height of 9’9”. The second is a small SUV with an attached 5’x8’ trailer. All other band vehicles are standard passenger vehicles.


Downtown Madison parking/meter rental

If parking meter spaces need to be rented to accommodate our oversize equipment vehicles, we will need five (5) spaces rented. Please keep these spaces together as one unit when reserving parking spaces. For most events, we will only need to have the meters rented for the afternoon. However, if we need to start loading in equipment by noon for an event, then the meters will need to be rented for the full day. Here's more info about renting space from the city of Madison. If you'd rather us take care of all the details, just let us know when send you the contract ;). Seriously though, we can help. 


Load in times

We need access to the venue approximately 2-3 hours before the start time of an event to load in our equipment, set it up, and sound check everything. We are larger than most bands, and we have more equipment to set up because of this. If you need us onsite (from load in to load out) for more than 12 hours, please let us know


Load out times

Depending on the logistics of the individual venue, we will need 60-90 minutes to tear down and move out all of our equipment at the end of the show. If there are firm deadlines from the venue regarding when we need to be out, the end time of our performance must factor in the time needed for us to tear down our equipment.


Case storage

If possible, we would like to have a place in the venue to store our equipment cases for the time of our performance. If no space is available to do so, we will neatly stack and store our equipment behind or to the side of our performance stage. If outdoors and our equipment vehicles/trailer are close by, we can store the cases in there. 


Second PA

A small PA can be rented from us to be used with wedding ceremonies that are at the same location as the reception. An additional fee of $150 will need to be added to cover this rental.



A band member with a deep, soothing, pleasant voice can be made available to help with any special announcements during the reception portion of your wedding (grand march, dance intros, etc). Please let us know what announcements you would like to be made and at what time.


Music for cocktail hour/dinner/between sets

Our stage PA system is available to use for playing music during cocktail hour, dinner, and between our live music sets. If you have specific playlists in mind for any of these times, you can load them onto a portable device (such as an iPod, tablet, or smart phone) with a standard headphone (1/8”) jack (or necessary adapter, such as for iPhone 7-8) and we can plug it into the system. We also have some playlists we can run through the system if you don’t have a preference for music.


Quiet Time / Shared Space / Guest Arrival

Please let us know ahead of time if your ceremony is taking place in the same location as your reception, or if there is a specific time we need to be set and out of the performance space. If, for example, there is a shared room, we'll need to take that into account for determining what time to start loading in gear. We don't want to loading in gear or making noise while you and your guests are arriving, or making those life promises. 


Bucky Badger

We actually know him! Well, we used to.... If you are going have any "special guest" like this please let us know. About 1/2 the band members were former members of the UW Marching Band and we can cater a handful of authentic 5th quarter tunes so we all can relive our glory days. 


Band Food / Drink

Please let us know ahead of time if you'll be providing any food and/or drink for the band as a part of your event. While not required, it's always appreciated. We want to make sure that any band members that are arriving early can plan their dinner, etc.