Event Questions


Thanks so much for hiring us to perform at your event! We have a number of questions that we typically ask to help us make sure that we are 100% prepared and on the same page with you regarding the details of your event. We’ll probably still exchange emails and maybe meet in person. However, filling out the below information will greatly help us out.

It’s not a short list, so thanks in advance for taking the time to fill everything out!!

*****Please fill this out to the best of your knowledge. We are happy to be flexible if something changes. If something doesn’t apply, type in “N/A” or choose “other”. ****

Name *
Date of your event *
Date of your event
Please provide a contact name and contact info (phone and email) for the best person to contact if we have questions about the venue. This is usually the event coordinator or manager that you worked with when you booked the facility.
To the best of your ability, please provide the full event schedule for the entire day. What time will guest be arriving? Dinner? Band Performance?
Can you describe where you would like us to set up within the room in your venue? Please provide as much details and be as specific as possible (ie We'd like for the band to be setup against the north wall, between the two entry doors). Please make sure you read the staging requirements on our Tech Specs page to make sure you know the dimensions we'll need.
Is there any thing else happening in the performance area prior to your event? We need access to the venue approximately 2-3 hours before the first guests arrive / room is being occupied, to load in our equipment, set everything up, and run a quick sound check. Are there any specific details that we need to follow to when loading in our gear (ie use the loading dock, or call XYZ when you arrive)?
Is there a hard cutoff from the venue on when we need to be out of the building? Any other specific details about our tear down and load out? Usually the full load out will take about 1-1.5 hours, but may take longer if the load out is "tricky" (ie Madison Concourse take the freight elevator and go through the kitchen...). We'll do our best to get out of their quickly, but we need to know if there is a hard cutoff and may have to adjust the end time of our performance.
Are there any special parking considerations that we need to be aware of? We will have a small box truck (think like UPS delivery truck size) and a SUV with a small trailer that we will need to ensure that have parking spaces for.
We would like a name and a phone number of who we can contact if we run into any questions/issues on the day of your event.
We don't ever require that you provide us food and drink, but we at least would like to know so we can plan ahead. We are happy to provide a head count and/or even eat in a different room. A well lubricated band does sound better ;).
Do you have any musical preferences for songs that we play? Any "5th Quarter/Wisconsin" tunes? We have a mostly current listing of our "active" songs on our library page. It would be really great to know if you have one or two "must have" songs, from our list. Also good to know if you really don't want us to play any specific song/artist/genre of music. An example here would be, "We saw you play live and really like the 80s stuff that you did". We'll do our best to accommodate any preferences. More music questions below
Didn't see your favorite song in our library? Don't fret, we routinely will arrange songs for clients that a specific song. We might charge a few extra bucks, but it depends on the circumstance. In most cases, if you want a specific song, it might be included in the price. Please let us know if you'd like us to learn any specific artist/songs for your event. Also, please keep in mind that we'll likely arrange and perform something as close to the "standard recording", but we may vary in style a little bit. (ie Aerosmith didn't have a 5 piece horn section, so some of the melodies/harmonies get shuffled around a bit). We leave the final decision to arrange any tunes up to our music director, Jamie.
Would you like any background music played through our PA speakers during cocktail hour or during dinner? If so, please let us know. We have a "standard" mix that we typically play.
For formal events (weddings, corporate parties, etc), we'll wear our formal attire which consists of black dress pants, white dress shirt and a red tie. For less formal events, we'll go casual and wear jeans/shorts with red tops. Please choose the most appropriate answer for your event.
Do you want to use our mics for any speeches?
It's your responsibility to ensure that we have an ample power source to run all of our gear of off. We have the minimum power requirements listed on our Tech Specs page. Please take a look. You probably won't know the details and might need to reach out to your contact at the venue. It most cases the power situation is totally fine (you're probably not their first customer with a live band), but we like to avoid surprises and make sure. We are happy to help get involved in the conversation if needed. Please let us know.
This really only applies to outdoor events... If that's you, what is your plan if there is inclement weather? Are we moving to a new location? When will that decision be made? We are asking b/c we have very expensive equipment that can't get wet. It's also not quick to tear down and set it up again.
We are happy to schedule an in person meeting to review all of your answers and/or go over any additional questions that you might have. In most cases, we can hammer through things via email. Please let us know if you feel strongly about meeting up in person.
If you selected "Other" in any of the above answers, please provide those details here. If there is something that we missed and we should be made aware of, please tell us here. Are there any questions that you have? You guessed it, please ask them here.